Ceramic Pro shows up on your vehicles CarFax!


Ceramic Pro

What makes Ceramic Pro different is the cutting edge technology based on ceramic molecular compounds (nanoceramics). The formula is patented worldwide and it has taken ten years of research and testing to bring the product to where it is today. All formulas include SiO2.

With Ceramic Pro 9H, the car surface is protected against light marring caused by improper washing and drying, weather and UV rays, and other contaminants. The car is also protected from excessive heat, water and oil-based particles which slide easily off the surface of the ceramic paint coating. This makes cleaning your vehicle much easier, and it stays cleaner for longer. Ceramic Pro offers up to a lifetime warranty, depending on which package you select.


Ceramic Pro Sports Package

6 Month Warranty $99+ 

The Ceramic Pro Sport Package is great for those looking to get their feet wet with paint protection. It’s a high quality, hydrophobic, nano-ceramic paint coating. The Sport Package includes a six-month warranty and provides protection from tree sap, dirt, bugs and more. It offers a sleek, glossy finish and is very easy to clean. Dirt, debris and other road particles easily slide off the surface without the painstaking scrubbing an uncoated car would require. Ceramic Pro Sport is a major step up from wax and is in a similar price range.


Ceramic Pro Bronze Package

2 Year Warranty $499+

The Ceramic Pro Bronze Package is an excellent value! Ceramic Pro is a highly hydrophobic, nano-ceramic paint coating. It protects your vehicle and keeps it looking glossy and new. Washing your car is a breeze, as dirt and grime easily slide off the slick finish. All Plastics get a coat of light. The Bronze Packages includes a two-year warranty and consists of one layer of Ceramic Pro Light on the vehicle, and one layer of Ceramic Pro Rain on front side windows and the windshield.


Ceramic Pro Silver Package

5 Year Warranty $899+ 

The Ceramic Pro Silver Package is one of our most popular packages! It’s a great option for all car owners and for those leasing a car. The Silver Package offers the premium protection of Ceramic Pro 9H and includes a five-year warranty. Ceramic Pro is extremely hydrophobic and protects your vehicle from scratches, bugs, tree sap, dirt, road salt and more. The Ceramic Pro Silver Package begins with one layer of Ceramic Pro 9H. This is the product that put us on the map! It’s an extremely durable, heavy duty, nano-ceramic coating. The 9H is then topped with Ceramic Pro Light which serves as a top coating. All Plastics get a coat of light. The final step is one layer of Ceramic Pro Rain installed on the windshield and front side windows.


Ceramic Pro Gold Package

lifetime warranty $1299+ 

The Ceramic Pro Gold Package offers the ultimate in ceramic paint coating. It provides permanent paint protection with a lifetime warranty. This is the ideal package for car enthusiasts or those who plan on keeping their vehicle for the long haul. If you’re serious about paint protection this is the package for you. Some of the benefits of Ceramic Pro include a hydrophobic finish and protection from scratches, rock chips, insects, road salt, dirt, tree sap and more. The Ceramic Pro Gold Package includes four layers of Ceramic Pro 9H, this is our Flagship product and is an extremely heavy duty nano-ceramic coating. An extra layer of 9H is applied to exposed areas of the vehicle for additional protection. Following the 9H, one layer of Ceramic Pro Light is applied as a top coat. All Plastics get a coat of light. To finish off, one layer of Ceramic Pro Rain is applied to the front side windows and the windshield. 


Protect your vehicle now!

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