Versionex Auto Body

The Next Version is Always Better.

Versionex is your one stop shop for your vehicle! We offer a variety of services which include Auto Detailing, Ceramic Coating, Clear Paint Protection, Collision Repair, Vinyl Wrapping, Window Tinting, and just automobile customization in general! Let us help you get to that next version!

Mclaren mp4-12c needed both rear quarter panels re-wrapped, needless to say he came to correct place

Original color for this mercades was gloss black, customer came in and wanted to make sure his car matched his personality with this blue chrome

It came is as a plain white jeep, very happy with the out come!

Flat blue wrap on this very nice BMW

Customer came in with a vision in his head of a flat black car with gold trim, we pulled off all emblems, wrapped the car in flat black, and we then painted all the trim and wheels to a gorgeous gold 

Customer wanted BMW racing stripes applied to make his car go back to its roots of racing 

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