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Versionex Car Meet

The meet was a huge success!! There weather sure did have a huge turn around, it couldn't have worked out any more perfect than it did.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the local car scene, i'm sure we left a huge impression on west 11th.

There are many improvments to still come, please help us improve also, any comments, feedback, criticism would be awesome.

It was very cool to see everyone interacting in a positive manner. No BS drama or any of that. The trash level was also VERY low, awesome job on finding the trash cans guys.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the event!! The parking crew was on point, thanks for the assistance with parking!

Please stay tuned for the next event! We plan on doing this once a month. Summer is here, let's see those underground builds that have been hiding for all these months..

Excited for the future, if we keep this up, this could definatly be a long term meet up location/event.

Thanks again for coming out. Rain or shine, we got the better end of the deal this time!

-Versionex Auto Body

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